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SI-Protection for Protection of Sensors

Changes in temperature are causing formation of humidity. Thus, there is a risk that the humidity can permeate in the contact point of the sensor. As a result, the sensor would corrode and oxygenate. Thus, the contact point would become unreliable.



SI-Protection Variants

Advantages of SI-Protection

  • Protection against the permeation of humidity
  • Mechanical protection against vibrations



The SI-Protection procedure provides the contact point with epoxy gum and a fluidized bed coating which unites with the insulation material of the wire. Thus, a complete unit is built protecting the sensor against vibrations and humidity.

Protected Temperature Sensor

temperature sensor with SI-Protection


Rollieren einer Edelstahlhülse

roller-burnishing of an stainless steel immersion probe


Optimized Protection

By means of this protective coating our temperature sensors can be used in cold water or outdoor applications without any problems, for example. In addition the roller-burnishing protects the pocket of the sensor against the permeation of humidity