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Raumf├╝hler an Glaswand

wireless – no batteries – interoperable

Innovative wireless solar technology enables the harvesting of ambient light sources for temperature and fan control in buildings.

Time-consuming installation works such as wiring or cabling including chiselling become unnecessary. Low material costs and time saving enable reasonable priced system solutions.

EasySens offers significantly more flexibility with regard to the sensor location. Thus, a variable room layout in modern buildings does not present any problems at all.

Even in heritage protected buildings in which no architectural changes are allowed, the integration of sensors for the air-conditioning technology can be easily enabled.

The EasySens system uses a fixed data frame according to the EnOcean standard. Thus, it is guaranteed that the wireless sensors and
receivers by Thermokon can be combined with devices of other manufacturers without any problems.

There are different devices for temperature monitoring, relative humidity, light, set point adjustment and status detection.

Among others, the receivers are available with LON-, EIB-, BACnet- or RS485-interface and are designed as gateways for superior control systems. Connection to other bus systems are feasible without any problems.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • No batteries, thus almost maintenance-free
  • Easy installation, no wiring
  • Flexibility with modernisations
  • Direct mounting at representative measuring points
  • Cost-effective system solutions
  • Safe radio transmission in 868MHz-frequency range
  • 315MHz also available
  • Minimal transmitting power (10mW) with safe transmission
  • Transmitting range up to 30m in buildings and up to 300m in free field
  • Saving of environment and resources
  • Interoperable